This is an eye opener

Gary Lamb has a great post about church. I usually don’t link or copy other posts but this is so insightful that it needs to be repeated and repeated. Here it is.

The large majority of people DO NOT go to church
– Every pastor who has ever said we don’t need more churches or that
their church is reaching the community just fine is simply an idiot. I
got the family up this morning and took the family to eat breakfast and
run some errands and every place we went to was SLAMMED. Driving
through the neighborhood I saw the large majority of my neighbors home.
The church parking lots were empty as well. As pastors we are in church
on Sunday mornings and as a result we don’t see the facts about our
community. The large % of people are not in church and see no point in
it. The church better wake up and accept this fact and they better do
it soon.
Men don’t go to church – Yep,
this is my hobby horse and I make no apologies about it at all. I would
say there were 3 men out for every one woman we saw. I heard three
different men at three different times at three different places make
some type of comment about the wife and kids being at church. The
church has become too feminine in it’s methods and practices that men
look at it as something women do and the kids should do. This is a hill
I am willing to die on and as such RSC will always focus on reaching
men because if you reach the man, you reach the family.
People are craving community and they will find it SOMEWHERE
– We went to the Waffle House this morning and there was more community
happening there then 99% of the churches I have ever been. It was
actually sad. People are desperate for relationships and friendships
that a place like the Waffle House becomes that fix for them. I watched
the "regulars" come in and everyone knew everyone. They asked about
each others weeks, talked about Thanksgiving and as crazy as it sounds,
they were doing life together. For many of those people, it truly was
the highlight of their week. Again the funny thing was the large
majority were men. Men needed community as much as women they just
won’t admit it. It really stressed to me the importance of Malcolm’s
job here as our Connection Pastor.
A lot of people work on Sunday mornings
– It never occurred to me how many people work on Sunday morning or
have worked all night on Saturday night. It is a very large number. I
think Perry is on to something huge with doing Sunday night services that are identical to Sunday morning.  I even think Bob
is doing this now. Everyone jumped on the Saturday night thing but
people are busy on Saturday night. It has me wondering where we could
start a Sunday night service to reach all those who simply won’t or
can’t come on Sunday mornings.



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