Great Football Weekend

Thanksgiving weekend is quickly becoming one of the greatest sports weekends in sports. More and more college teams have moved their important games to this time so the weekend is packed full of games with national championship implications. True to form the east coast and mid-west teams fell like flies and the west coast shined in its glory. I don’t know if I could ask for better results with Texas getting smacked by A&M and then the mighty Irish getting hammered by USC for the fifth straight year. This is the third time in four years that USC has dropped over forty points on the Catholics while they mustered a weak twenty.

There are two teams that I despise as much as I love UCLA; Texas and Notre Dame. When they both lose I am in football heaven. I normally don’t root for SC (our cross town rivals) but twice a year; when they play Notre Dame and when they play in the National Championship. Looks like I will be rooting for them again this January against Ohio State. Even though SC plays my Bruins next week I am not giving my team much of a chance, besides I would love to see SC beat up on the Buckeyes. People need to realize that the West Coast is better football than the east coast. We do have the two of the last three national championships.


2 thoughts on “Great Football Weekend

  1. It looks like you forgot to talk about the Florida / Florida state game. What’s up with that man? GO GATORS GO GATORS CHOMP


  2. Florida gets no love on this blog. In fact they may get added to the Texas/Notre Dame list if there are anymore Go Gator chants in the comments.
    Seriously though the Gators are a joke of a team! they barely beat South Carolina and just beat a lousy Florida State team. I don’t think they will beat Arkansas next week. Let’s face it the gators got no chomp. Just like their basketball team that lost last night.


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