I Have a Joy Hangover

Let me tell you about the last ten days. They have been filled with the Joy of God’s provision. We have seen him move in The Village Chapel and we have seen him move in our personal lives as well. The week hasn’t been without it’s challenges but we have been overwhelmed with how Awesome God is. Through all that provision we are exhausted from the activity involved and from telling the story again and again.

It all started when I was at Lompoc PD sitting in Captain Dabney’s office after a ride along. In walks this lady to chat with Tim and he turns around and tells me that I need to hook up with her because she has a property management company. I stop by her office and pick up a flyer and the first house we go to we fall in love with. The next day we take a tour of the house and love it even more. We should’ve stopped looking then but decided to be "diligent" and look at several more. We would have a lot more energy and fuel in our cars if we would’ve stopped then. We fill out the application, get approved, and plan a move it date for December 1st. Now we need to find a renter four our house. My father-in-law tells a work buddy who is looking for a rental for two years. He visits, loves it, and tells us he wants it. His company pays his rent and he offers to pay us more than we asked! All of this happens in seven days. Oh yeah, it all happened because our guys prayer group did some serious intercession two weeks ago. They prayed that God would far exceed our expectations and He obviously did.

The other blessing came from our leadership training last week. I shared a little about this in a previous post but needless to say I am driving up to Sacramento tomorrow to pick up a trailer that has everything we need to do church because our church stepped up and provided the funds necessary. We have men stepping up into leadership. Guys praying in public who have never done that before. Wow! I think I see a trend here. God is so good!

Pack that with some awesome services we had at CCSM this week and a great Bible study last night and I don’t know if it could get any better. I am exhausted but  reveling  in God’s provision.


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