House Hunters

Lately we have been on a blitz to find a rental home in the Lompoc area. We had been going back and forth whether to stay in Santa Maria until after the baby is born or move ASAP before Jen’s belly get too big. Well I was sitting in Lompoc PD the other day talking to Captain Dabney and in walks this nice lady named Norene. Tim tells me that she is a property manager and that we need to hook up. So I stop by the office a couple of days later and pick up a listing of rentals she has. The first place we go to we fall in love with. Great house on a cul de sac in an established neighborhood. Everything we looked at after that is being measured by this house. Needless to say that we applied for it.

The plot thickens because Norene shows up to church on Sunday and I go to shake her hand and she take a sharp right and hugs my mother-in-law. Seems they go way back and just love each other. Is there anyone my In-laws don’t know? Oh yeah, six people in our church live within one square mile of the house. Three families live less than one block from us. Funny how God works.

So now we are showing our house to rent tonight and the housing carousel may start turning real soon. Who knows we could be in another house by December 1st. All of this went down in less than a week. Wow!


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