Praise Report

A blogging Friend of mine contacted me the other day and told due to unfortunate circumstances the church he had planted was having to shut it’s doors down. This left him with a trailer full of church stuff that they wanted to sell. He asked if we were interested and I told him I would talk to the people in our church to see if they were willing to take this step of faith. He got me the details of everything in the trailer and how much they wanted. The best part is that he really wanted to bless another church.

So he sent us the details and we looked at it last night and everyone felt like this was something we needed. I made the offer in faith and they accepted. An anonymous donor stepped up and said that they wanted to "seed" the ministry and gave the exact amount it cost to buy the whole package! Praise God! We are so blessed! Now we will have most of the stuff we need to conduct Sunday services for a portable church.

On another note Jen and I went up to Lompoc and looked at houses to rent. We saw a couple prospects that would be good for the family. Looking forward to moving up to Lompoc.


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