Laying a Solid Foundation

Last night we had our first leadership training for The Village Chapel. We had thirty five adults show up to be trained in children’s ministry, evangelism, and set up teams. We have such an incredible group of people who have chosen to be a part of what God is doing in the Village. So much good insight from people who have a heart for the Lompoc Valley and are excited to be in on this church plant. I walked away from the meeting praising God for the solid foundation He has laid for this church. Knowing what it takes to do church, it is such a confidence boost to see people who want to shoulder much of the work load that goes into doing something like this.

I feel like this large foundation is being laid for the future work that God has for us. Every great work is started with a foundation that is solid and capable of supporting the work that is to be done in the future. It gets me excited when I realize what is being done here. God wants to do a powerful work and he is just preparing us for that right now. If you looked at the group of people who are part of the evangelism you’d realize that we are going to need a solid group of people just to support their work. Praise God!


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