The Best Man Won

Chief Bill Brown, from Lompoc PD where I am a chaplain, was elected Santa Barbara County Sheriff yesterday and the best man won. This guy was meant for a job like this and the Sheriffs department will be much for it. He is a Godly man who serves with integrity and honesty. I have enjoyed being a chaplain under him for the last two years and I wish him the best. I will be praying for him because the chaplains over there need JESUS!  jk 🙂 He has a group of dedicated chaplains with the sheriffs department as well.

The extra bonus from this is that Captain Tim Dabney will probably be hired as the new Chief of Lompoc PD. Tim was the one who convinced me to be a chaplain and is also the man who lead the Lompoc Bible study faithfully for years. This laid the groundwork for our church plant. I love this guy and his family and Lompoc PD will be in good hands.


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