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Hogan Distinguished Service Award on 26 September source. I think personally she is a no good filty whore. Old man nude video. Retrieved from " https: This is the point! Restored cited material twice removed from Hastings controversy.

For the record, let's note the the tabloid claims that the entire mob was chanting "Jew! A relevant comment would have been a contribution to the consensus effort earlier instead of having one of your first contributions to Wikipedia be finger wagging about the process.

Someone had a taser and he held it high, making electric noises and threatening the attackers. Those are almost certainly the same story, which has been repeated in a variety of News Corporation outlets. Lara logan naked. Who is killing the young male heartthrobs who gain An anonymous source for details of a sexual assault in a BLP is not unacceptable.

Egyptian and Muslim men are portrayed as wild beasts and Islam as an inherently violent religion. But now it wasn't just about me anymore.

For those interested there is a discussion involving this article at the WP: Although I think the "tearing at her scalp" sentence has an inappropriate tone and should probably be deleted. They began pulling her body in different directions, pulling her hair so hard she said it seemed they were trying to tear off chunks of her scalp. If you look at why there are no images during this attack from the square at all for up to 3 hours during said attack and this being the biggest party of the week in the world with all the cell phones and such you must question why?

The proposed wording above is factually distorted. Fine black milf. On 15 FebruaryCBS News released a statement that Logan had been beaten and sexually assaulted on 11 February, while covering the celebrations in Tahrir Square following Hosni Mubarak's resignation. And you, sir, are a jerk. If they ran into 'professional' thuggery, it was after that fact.

Anonymous at May 1, how about responding to the content of the post and thread instead of trying to weasel in an unsupported last word of blind fandom?

The video interview is found here. Vice-President Joe Biden and other administration officials. I invite you to have all your clothes removed from your body while two hundred men beat, whip and grope you in public.

A lot of the stories say what happened to Logan was around 1AM Saturday morning local time. The proper way to get a consensus is use consensus format. It is one report, based on an anonymous source, and being reported mainly by one company-- News Corp.

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Well, he's really pissed off because of the way the protesters were portrayed as rapists in the American tabloid media and he is taking it out on Lara Logan.

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Lots of respect here, and praying she returns to the job just to give the finger to the animals that wanted to destroy her. Malcolm - Your story illustrates all too painfully the power of words. Free online adult xxx games. I've updated the paragraph on the sexual assault, with details from the 60 Minutes interview. More important, she doesn't want to look like she's profiting or benefiting in any way from telling the story. Deletion requests June What should I do?

The line on her comments reinforcing the worst stereotype of embedded reporters doesnt say what that stereotype is. Then we stood there blocking the people who tried to follow her. Lara logan naked. The mob cleaned up the square but not it's act. A religion that its prophet at age 50 plus having sex with a 9-years girl child. But I bet he's getting his now.

The crowd tore at her clothes, groped, and beat her and "raped her with their hands. Alana soares tits. That's the way Mubarak's regime worked you know? Is this the freedom the Egyptian people wanted? She was flown out of the country the day after the assault. The New York Times. No pro baseball for Israel in TMZ kicks off in fine form! Anonymous September 24, at 9: They tore off her clothes and raped her with their hands, while taking photographs with their cellphones.

Without wishing to diminish the ghastliness of Ms Logan's ordeal, or the culpability of her attackers, but should sexual assault conducted with hands be classified as "rape"? She felt hands touching her, and can be heard in the report shouting "stop," just as the camera died. Plenty of other people feel liars should suffer consequences. Again, is it being left to me to add Logan's defense of herself? I have watched the debate on this discussion page for weeks, and its content has been essentially between, A.

Sometimes tearfully, Logan revealed horrifying new details of her gang rape on Feb. A relevant comment would have been a contribution to the consensus effort earlier instead of having one of your first contributions to Wikipedia be finger wagging about the process. Anonymous March 1, at 6: If someone has the time for it, this might be a good place to start gathering information.

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GIRLS NUDE IN PUBLIC PICS The new version leaves details about the assault, and is so brief that one cannot even understand what happened or what the pretext was for it. Or even maybe just tell us what really happened.
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Amature girls nude photos I think I can agree with Slim that the "quote farm" should probably be reduced, and that a more concise version of this controversy would be appropriate per WP: Or, you ould look at the ANI discussion which also showed no consensus [3].
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